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BadBlue Excel Web Spreadsheet Collaboration Server  v.2.72

Share Excel files, photos, music, videos, and business documents securely. BadBlue is one of the easiest web servers ever created. You can get started in seconds and it is much easier to use than an FTP server or Apache. Get BadBlue today!

Web Log Analizer  v.1.0

Analize in real time log from web servers, to get baisc statistics like hits, pages, visits, users (yes, distinct users).

HttpTrafficGen  v.1.8.8

HTTP traffic generator allows to generate a good amount of http traffic for testing web applications, web servers, intrusion detection system and their resistance to HTTP attacks. You can specify the requests count and interval between two requests.

IDN Conversion Tool  v.0.99

Convert International Domain Names (IDN) into punycode and back. Enter a domain name native language characters and get the encoded form to use in your server software such as DNS server, web-servers, and e-mail servers.

RSS Publisher  v.1.8

RSS Publisher is a program for RSS publishers. Using this program one can not only upload any number of new RSS feeds to web servers, but also save and manage existing RSS feeds

MakeLogic Tail  v.2.1.0

Similar to the "tail -f" of Linux. Makelogic tail shows the last few lines of a growing log file in real time. It is particulary helpful for monitoring the error logs and access logs of web servers. It comes with an easy to use GUI, for all

MapWindow Online Data Plug-in  v.

The MapWindow Online Data Plug-in is an open source plug-in for the MapWindow GIS platform. It is intended to allow seamless access to online data sources, provided by ArcIMS or OGC-compliant web servers. This tool was created in connection with my

Microsoft IIS Escape Character Parsing Vulnerability patch  v.1

RFC 1738 specifies that web servers must allow hexadecimal digits to be input in URLs by preceding them with the so-called escape character, a percent sign. IIS complies with this specification, but also accepts characters after the percent sign that

WotWeb  v.1.08

WotWeb is a cut-down port scanner specifically made to scan for and display active web servers and shows the server software running on them. IP lists can be entered manually or by reading from a file. Scanning is fast and accurate and the acquired

SymbolicLinker for Mac OS  v.2.0v2

As some of you may have noticed, a number of Unix tools, especially file and Web servers (such as FTP, NFS, Samba, and Apache), have trouble resolving the System 7 style alias files created by the Finders 'sMake Alias' command. Many of these tools

WebHead  v.1.2

Provides HTTP web page header information for any web page or site. This can be extremely useful when trying to debug web pages, web servers, or connection issues. Supports HTTPS encryption.

Free Port Monitor  v.1.0

Free Port Monitor is one free network port monitoring software, it enables you to monitor all open TCP ports on the local and remote computer, show one alert message or send your one warning email once the your computer, web servers and network

HTTP Test Tool  v.2. 1. 2017

HTTP Test Tool is a script based tool for testing and benchmarking web applications, web servers, proxy servers and web browsers. HTTP Test Tool can emulate clients and servers in the same test script, very useful for testing proxies. The main parts

C++ Servlet Server  v.0.2.14

CPPSERV is an application server/servlet container providing Servlet-like API in C++ and CSP (C++ Server Pages) compiler. Currently Apache-2.0 and ligttpd web servers are


The aim of this project is to produce a lightweight but reasonably secure PHP and MySQL Forum that can be easily installed to compatible web servers, and will be easily customisable for the end user as well as

EDAM Ontology  v.1.0

EDAM is a bioinformatics tools and data ontology. Its defined terms and relationships provide a structured, controlled vocabulary to describe in semantic terms bioinformatics web services, data schema, tools, web servers, databases and so

Eddie  v.1.5.0

Eddie acts as a high availability WAN and LAN clustering tool for web servers (including Apache). It provides load balancing at two levels (DNS and LAN), failover redundancy, and admission control to maintain quality of service

FNServer Image Collaboration Software  v.

FNServer is image collaboration software for web servers written for PHP4/5 implementing the FotoNotes(TM) image annotation specification. Modular and object-oriented, FNServer runs stand-alone or as a part of other CMS's. Offers blog and wiki

HMailLive  v.0.2.3

hMailLive gives you statistics about your mail from the popular hMailServer mail server. Written in perl for compatibility with most web servers and the like. Requires an installation of hMailServer to work

Infranet  v.rc

Infranet is a system that attempts to circumvent web censorship by allowing clients to surreptitiously request sensitive content via cooperating Web servers distributed across the global

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